It was at the turn of last century when the Masachs family started to cultivate grapes in their estate located in Vilafranca del Penedès, a wine area par excellence.
D. Josep Masachs Llorach founded Cavas Masachs within the decade of the twenties producing cava in the best tradition of craftsmanship and with a limited production. Later, his son, D. Josep Masachs Juvé, went on with his father’s job under the same policy of very limited production and craftsmanship combined with hard work with the aim to improve the quality of his cavas. In 1977, Josep y Joan Masachs started a new guideline and launched a new line of cava to the market based on the experience and know-how of their ancestors. Little by little, the excellent quality of the cavas made by these young producers was known both in the domestic and international market, thus to reward their efforts and dedication.
Nowadays, Cavas Masachs continue the production of cavas and wines n their Monsarra estate with the same enthusiasm in order to improve the quality initiated by its founders.

Carretera Sant Martí Sarroca, Km. 7, s/n. 08737 – Torrelles de Foix
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